01 February 2012

Sacred Cowboys

1 February 1983
22 years old
Couldn’t decide whether to go out tonight or not…Went to Inflation with Peter and Phil, met Damian and Sean there. I knew it was going to be a who’s who studded affair. Celebrities included Sean Kelly, Andrew Duffield and Barton Price (Models); Gus (ex Models); Gordon and David (Dorian Gray); Dean Richards and the beatnik bass player from The Hot Half Hour; Craig, Stephen and Paul from Thunderbugs (of course); also heaps of others we knew: Betty, Sophie, Darrell and friends. Peter from Linda J’s party. Trisha and Peter (C’s school friend). Pepa, Marsalla and Claudia. Simon, Ali, Kerry Emu, Robyn plus others. Very much a party atmosphere.
The Sacred Cowboys were FAB! They played two sets – in between we socialised and during, we grooved. C wanted to talk to Phil Calvert but didn’t get the chance. Afterwards we went to the Electro-Dog for hot dogs, in South Yarra and coincidentally Phil was in there with Gordon and David from Dorian Gray. C said hello and they chatted. Amazing! The hot dog was yummy. 
Came home feeling very glad to have gone. As Simon said when I said to him that I thought he said he didn’t go to gigs anymore, “This isn’t a gig – it’s an occasion,” and it certainly was!


  1. Why was she called "Kerry Emu"?

  2. She hung out with The EMUs - Engineering students from Melbourne Uni, who used to go to gigs and yell out 'EMUS'. Although she wasn't at Melbourne Uni; she was a nurse.