21 February 2012

Robert and the Banshees

21 February 1983
22 years old
Awoke at 7.30 to begin my first day of my [graphic design] course. Listened to Magazine on the way in. The day was full but bearable, met a few people in my group at school.
Rang C, but no one home, out with Robert and I’m missing out. So I thought (correctly). Felt headachy by the end of the day. Still don’t know if I’m doing the right course. Pain!
Went home, changed, left for The Astor, just missed The Banshees apparently. Went for a walk with C, Lee (and Kira) and caught up with their day, sight seeing with Robert at the museum and shops (aboriginal artefacts).
Saw loads of people there – Church girls, Mark, Michelle, Lorelle, Robyn, D, Phil. The doors opened at 8 and Lee and I went to the front (C stayed in her seat). Pseudo Echo were Pseudo Duran Ultravox-ish. OK. The Banshees were really good. Robert looked divine, so good to see him. The gig was very hot and squashy, perspired a lot. 
Afterwards drove to the hotel where we waited for them to refresh themselves. Robert paged C to the phone, and we all went upstairs to the bar, and I spoke to Robert for the first time. He was so sweet and gorgeous. He bought us all drinks (inc. Witchdoctor) we joked about this and that, including the piano bar scene. Siouxie, Budgie and Steve came down to the bar also. When it closed we all went down to Inflation. We got in free. Walked around and chatted to people (not much to Robert). Got locked into a room upstairs with C, D, Lee and Mark. It was crazy! Banged on the door and a thug came and got us out. We left around 2 or so. Kissed Robert good-bye, he said we should make definite plans for tomorrow and to go to the hotel at one. He asked if I’d be going to school [college] tomorrow and I said I’d be skipping all my classes; he said ‘good’. We left all quite happy to have such a darling friend.

To read about the next day with Robert, you’ll need to go to last year’s 22 Feb post. Tomorrow’s post is from 1986.


  1. "He asked if I’d be going to school [college] tomorrow and I said I’d be skipping all my classes; he said ‘good’."

    Finally! Proof that rock music promotes juvenile delinquency!

  2. you totally had me with the title of the post! xo

  3. Man...I forgot so much of this. Robert paged me! Thanks for keeping a diary for all these years :)

  4. Hmmmm wish I could remember!