03 February 2012

Psychedelic Furs

3 February 1983
22 years old
Drove to The Astor. From the foyer heard the end of Machinations (Boring). Saw lots of people – Debbie, Davin, Peter Roadie, Mike A, Gary Gray (Cowboys), Julian and others. C went downstairs to the front and I upstairs with Julian. I took a whole roll of 36 B&W exposures. The gig was good-ish but disappointing. The sound was atrocious. Half heartedly hung about afterwards. Saw Kira, also Dorian Gray people, Glen, Robyn’s ex. Also Robyn (Monash). Finally saw them. Not so impressed. Richard Butler was somewhat snobby too, not as expected. The only nice one was the keyboard player who was dying for me to ask him for his autograph. He was sweet. John Ashton was OK too. Came home and checked out our autographs. Phil Calvert was very nice to C, he kissed her, to his fiancĂ©’s despair.

This picture was taken at a later pub gig I think, when I was near the front. Here is Richard Butler striking a Jagger-like rock star pose.


  1. I remember when taking 36 pictures was a big deal.

  2. It was wasn't it! Many people took rolls of 12 or 24. Now it's 100 or more per event or outing.