04 February 2012

The Plums

4 February 1993
32 years old
A bit cooler today. Due to the heat I’ve stayed in every night this week. Can’t remember how long it’s been since I did that.
After work met up with Norman to discuss the new Plums cover. Stayed for an hour, chatting, which was really pleasant.
Back at home made veggie burgers and ate and watched telly. Was watching Red Sorghum when Paul arrived. He ate and we talked a bit as we watched the film. Kate was at her parents’ giving our household some space; she’s very thoughtful, I like her a lot.
Despite the fact that it was cooler today, I couldn’t sleep. At 1.30 I awoke and stayed awake for almost 2 hours. A lot of thoughts were in my head. Job applications, living abroad, The Plums CD cover and of course Chris. Thrashed out a lot of stuff in my head, and didn’t cry. It was quite cathartic.
Thought about the fact that a year ago I was deliriously happy, painting a Valentine’s Day card for Chris. The happiness didn’t last very long. By April I was discontent and often miserable.

The pastel picture in the middle of the CD cover was by one of the band, possibly Caroline. I contoured it and put in on a bright red background, then added some neat, small, white type. I still think it looks OK. I did one other cover for them, but never got a copy. They were a fun band.


  1. The other one with your name on it is 'Read All Over'. I've got their complete works :)

  2. Thank you Mr/Ms Anon!! I would never have remembered that. Nice to see that I'm not the only one who remembers them.

  3. The band's totally obscure. I wanted to put a pic of them on Last FM and even google couldn't find me one. Caroline Kennedy was in another great band called The Tulips as well. Their stuff is ultra Bobbie Gentry story/song stuff. Highly recommended.

  4. Cool! Here's a picture of the other cover:


    Apparently you have your own page at the discogs music database as a result:


  5. Wow! Thank you for the research Mr Pink! I had completely forgotten what that CD cover looked like. Though I remembered that i didn't like it as much as the red one. I also did the logo for 'Temptation Music' the indie offshoot of 'Mushroom Records'

  6. Well I decided to contact Caroline after the feedback from this post. I knew we had some mutual FB friends, and here's what she wrote back:

    Hariklia, hello, and how kind of you to find me, and to tell me this. i l read the comments and they are sweet.i am more remembered for my second band deadstar, but i in many ways i preferred the plums and the tulips. i still write songs and make music - my new band is called caroline no! and we have a record due out soon, our first. i' sure we will play soon in melbourne. i married pete who was the bass player from the plums many years ago and he plays bass in this band and was my collaborater in the tulips.i am also still a visual artist, although that red drawing was made by steve from the plums. at the moment i am doing a phd about painting and songwriting, lecturing in songwriting, and singing on the new solo album of mick turner from the dirty three, as well as making the caroline no record. feel free to copy and post this !
    and thanks for getting in touch!

    x caroline