06 February 2012

An Ordinary Life

6 February 2012
51 years old
What about a diary entry for today? The ‘me’ that I am right now, or are all the interesting diary entries behind me? Just because I’m ‘settled’ doesn’t mean I have to be boring – it’s not mandatory! I no longer stay out until the next day with visiting musicians, but I did stay up until almost midnight last night…reading! And I can thoroughly recommend S.J. Watson’s Before I go to Sleep – riveting! un-put-down-able!
So this morning I dropped Ali off at school and came home to work: paid writing work. I promised to get the last of some editorial writing I’ve been doing, emailed today. Between sentences I put on two loads of washing, ate lunch and did 15 minutes on the exercise bike (one of my NY resolutions. Hardly a marathon, but better than nothing, or so I’m told). By the early afternoon I had almost finished, so, I…went back to my novel, and finished it.
By then it was pick up time (how quickly school time flies). I took my daughter out for ice-cream after school and for some browsing at our local mall, Chadstone. Back at home, she sat down to finish making a card for her prep ‘buddy’ at school, and I finished my work and emailed it in, at 5pm on the dot.
So now it’s blog time. I quickly photographed the sweet little bowls I bought at a Sunday market yesterday. Don’t you just love them! And after this I will begin dinner – risotto with silver beet from my mum’s garden. An ordinary life – just the way I like it.


  1. Love the china! And I agree, the thought of staying up late to see a band is nothing like as appealing as a glass of wine with friends at home. You only have to look at the news, too, to see how lucky we are to have the option of an ordinary life.

  2. Very true Hil, we are indeed lucky.

  3. SPOILER ALERT- Love recommendations for what to read, especially when tagged with the "unputdownable" superlative. So in the midst of the book at the moment- cleverly written and well planned- and can clearly see the need for the journal. My father suffers from dementia and reading this gives me maybe some insight as to what me may be experiencing. He quite often refers to his mother, wanting to see her. To break the news that she is no longer with us, you can see that it hits him like a cruel raw emotion, absolute devastation, without having that time to heal...so similar to the main character in this book. (So this book is like a guide)- great to have stumbled upon it this way.

  4. Glad you're enjoying it too. Yes it seems all very well thought out. especially the role of the journal.