07 February 2012

Newcastle Upon Tyne

6 & 7 February 1981
20 years old
Visiting Newcastle, England
Went to Eldon Square Shopping Centre with Andy [my pen pal]. Visited Virgin Records, Marks & Spencer and other pommy stores. Fish and chips for lunch.
At night went to City Vaults Wine Bar with Andy and Alan [his friend], met Chris [my other pen pal] and Steve [his friend] there. Later went to Newcastle Uni disco, grooved to Adam and the Ants, Ant Music. Got asked to dance by four different people.

Went shopping in the morning with Mr and Mrs D [my pen pal’s parents]. Met some of their friends. Mrs D bought me a top from M&S, she’s so sweet.
Came back home, had a cuppa, took some photos. Andy and his dad went to look at some cars. I packed, got myself together and took a bath.
Went to a 21st with Andy, Alan and his date Doreé. Everything was a bit too coupley for my liking. Met Andy’s friend Dave and his girlfriend Helen. It was like a disco, so I couldn’t really mingle and talk to people. Andy didn’t leave my side for a minute and my only escape was a visit to the loo.
Alan got the DJ to play something for me, dedicated to K [my old anglicized name that I stopped using the following year and now hate] from Melbourne, Australia. He’s a mental guy and being pissed made him even crazier, if that’s possible. Too bad he was with Doreé. Whenever she went to the loo he’d come over, he’s such a flirt. When we dropped him and Doreé off, he put me on his motorbike and kissed me good-bye. He wanted to come and see me off on the train tomorrow, but it’s leaving too early for him. Too bad. Sigh!

I seem to have some kind of weird cosmic connection to Newcastle. When I was there, Bryan Ferry (who I love and is from Newcastle) was in Melbourne. I also adored Sting, who was from there; and I had two pen pals from Newcastle (Andy and Chris) and two (quasi) boyfriends, Tony and Johny. I have a friend who’s from Melbourne and feels the same way about Liverpool.


  1. I lived on fish and chips when I visited England.

  2. My footy team, Geordie Shore, Hartlepool - love them Geordie's! so then we have a cosmic connection too!!
    Though my connection only started when Alan Shearer signed to NUFC in 1996 and then meeting my Hartlepool crew in Bali in 1999..SO not rock n roll :)

  3. I will have to hear the Hartlepool story one day. Not R&R - there's a turn up!