09 February 2012

My life as a Gooseberry

10 February 1982
21 years old
Slept in, yay! From now on this will be a luxury. Went to Bentleigh on foot with C, withdrew all but $5 from the bank and bought a second hand telephoto lens. Walked home sucking on our Sunnyboys (the ice block not the group). Did I write this?
Drama in the evening. CIT Union Night with Typists and Corrections. I wanted to go but not with C and D or C, D and E. Always the gooseberry or the spinster chaperone, felt miserable. To make matters worse mum wouldn’t let C go without me. Ghastly guilt and pity for my miserable situation. C didn’t even ask what was wrong. Phoned Lee, would have wanted to go with her, but not home.

Many thanks (yet again) to Wikipedia for this beautifully drawn image. It has been scanned from The Royal Horticultural Society Diary 2004


  1. I hope the photographs were worth the money.

  2. I seem to remember it cost $200, a lot for a poor student, but hardly 'life savings' :-)

  3. I would love to get a new lens for my camera so that I can take prettier (or uglier) pictures. I am just a poor mother. Missed you, by the way. Stupid life getting in the way of things that I enjoy...

  4. I have certainly missed you! Thanks for taking the (precious) time to comment.

    The lens is (obviously) old school pre digital. It weighs a ton, and I haven't used it in years.

  5. I must admit I was confused for a moment....