22 February 2012

My last day in Melbourne

22 February 1986
25 years old
My last full day in Melbourne. Got up, washed the smoky smell off, had a quick lunch and got ready to go to the theatre.
The play was very very good. Lauren Bacall was great! At the end as I clapped I felt very moved and had tears in my eyes. Admiration for Lauren Bacall was a great part of it. Plus just the applause, it does something to me. Walking back to the car, the weather was nice and I looked at my darling Melbourne. I love Melbourne, it really is home and I’m strongly tied to it. Thought of my leaving it and my friends and family, my eyes teared up. I really must have been in THAT sort of a mood.

The next day I flew out to London, and did not return for almost three years.
Tomorrow: back to Robert in 1983.


  1. I went to see that - HUGE fan of Lauren Bacall and she was wonderful!!

  2. I super jealous of you for getting to see Lauren Bacall perform in person.

    1. I feel very privileged, that I did. My other big thrill was seeing Jack Lemmon on stage in London.

  3. Are you kidding me? One more reason to be jealous...=D