08 February 2012

The Music Bowl

8 February 1978
17 years old
Enrolled at Monash with Belinda.
At night went to ELO at The Bowl with Cheryl, Sad, Chris (yuk), Peter D and Glen, also saw Neil B, Gates, Cunners and BJ there.

Don’t you just love high school nick names? This brief diary entry is from the summer between high school and university. ‘The Bowl’ is the Melbourne Myer Music Bowl, an outdoor amphitheatre type venue. We didn’t have tickets for Electric Light Orchestra, but sat outside the on the lawn, together with many others, as people did and still do for gigs on warm summer nights. I think the last time I sat outside of The Bowl was for Pearl Jam, with my husband to be, when we were still dating in the mid 90s.

Who have you seen (or just heard) at The Bowl?

Thanks to the Arts Victoria website for the use of this beautiful picture.

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