15 February 2012

Left Wing Love

15 February 1988
27 years old
Living in London
Can’t remember, even though I’m only a couple of days behind. I do remember though that I was feeling quite good, cheerier than I have for some time. Tuesday I bought a skirt from Jigsaw and also started drafting a letter in response to a “Male 23” a lonely hearts ad in Marxism Today. But will I send it?


  1. Did you? Still have the.skirt??

  2. Did you send it???

  3. I don't think I sent it in the end. I agonized over whether to or not, but couldn't go through with it, though I was tempted. I wonder who he was.

    The skirt, I wore and wore for years; if I'm remembering the right skirt, and brought back to Australia. Got rid of it not so long ago, though it stopped fitting me a while back!

  4. Were you a regular reader of "Marxism Today?" Were you very political?

  5. I was an occasional reader. I think I liked the idea of being political, rather than actually being political. Having said that, I do have some political views, leaning to the left. Though I guess my big 'thing' is social justice and inequality (which don't get much of a mention on this blog).

  6. There is a thing called "Marxism Today"?

    1. There was, until 1991. A magazine in Britain. Apparently someone there coined the term 'Thatcherism' - kinda the opposite of Marxism!