27 February 2012

Gigs and memories

27 February 1988
27 years old
Living in London
Shopping in Lewisham with Kosta, he helped carry my groceries. Went into town and I showed him a few shops. Walked to The Astoria. Met Andrea, and Kerry and Jamie. Of course I couldn’t help but think of the night I met Tony there, and K met Jamie. We even went to the same pub he’d gone to that night! K and Jamie are getting married in 2 weeks, we joked of a double wedding, Tony doesn’t even want to see me.
Went to the gig and it was FAB. [Wild Swans supporting The Mighty Lemon Drops]. Really enjoyed it. Went to the loo at one point and almost cried, kept repeating – he doesn’t want my love, MY LOVE! Andrea and K were very sympathetic. Bus home with Andrea and Kosta. Watched Night Network, inc. the first episode of The Partridge Family! To bed exhausted. Still haven’t cried.

Any other Mighty Lemondrops fans out there?

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