28 February 2012

Falling in love

28 February 1992
31 years old
I’ve always loved Chris. From that very special dinner party at Paul’s old house, when I sat betwixt them, I knew he was special. But now I’m falling in love with him. It’s scary. I know why they call it falling – wow, plunge, loss of control. I’m struggling to cling onto some crevices as I fall down the hole, like Alice. Time to think, time to panic. Is that good? Or should I just go with the flow? I’ve always trusted my intuition before and my gut feeling says GO FOR IT!
Chris came by after work…but he annoyed me by feeling weird about coming out tonight with my friends. What’s the big deal? I’ve ingratiated myself with his friends completely with no drama. Is he worried about being labelled my “boyfriend”? He left and Paul and I had Malaysian take away whilst watching the original version of Cape Fear – luxury. Then instead of being picked up immediately afterwards, I got a call. he was still in Clifton Hill! Gosh he pisses me off sometimes.
Made it to The Punters Club in time for the last 2 or 3 songs of The Skipping Girls, which I liked. Wish I’d been there for the whole set. Found David but no sign of AM or Lou. Had a good chat to David, also spoke with AT who was nice to me, but a little rude to Chris.

The band, The Skipping Girls was named after the iconic Melbourne Skipping Girl sign (which advertises a brand of vinegar). It has been restored and is again lighting up the sky in inner Melbourne. See the sign in action on the website. As children my sister and I would always look out for the skipping girl, when we drove past with our parents, especially if the sky was darkening. I still love it. Many thanks to the website and sponsors, for the use of this beautiful photograph.


  1. I saw on the news the other day that The Skipping Girl has gone solar!