19 February 2012

Cheap Thrills

19 February 1977
16 years old
Can’t do my homework so I thought I’d write. Just back from Countdown where I got my cheapies. Talked to Marc Hunter from Dragon and got his autograph, the spunk.
Also talked to Peter and Ted [director/floor manager?] and saw Molly and Adrian from Avalanch, a couple of spunks, even if Robyn and I didn’t get in!! Dianne and Karen did though. Apart from all this excitement I’m still the same kid, perhaps a bit coomsier and froggy.
Took Belinda’s big pressie to her today.
I like Andrew my biology teacher.
Got complimented on my T-shirt.
Still luv Skooks.
School OK but too much work!!

Dragon were a fabulous live act and I saw them many times over the years; and Marc was an incredibly charismatic lead singer. I was so sad when he died, far too young at 45, in 1998.

Many thanks to the Countdown website, for the use of this image.

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