11 February 2012

Au Revoir Europe

10 to 11 February 1981
20 years old
Paris Athens - Bangkok - Melbourne
Had my last yucky breakfast in that hotel, hooray. Caught a Mercedes taxi to Charles de Gaul airport with Lynne and Gail. Bought some ‘Opium’ and batteries. Sat around and left via Satellite One. Good-bye Alan, Good-bye Europe. Was glad to be leaving yesterday, but now not so sure. Still, it’ll be great seeing everyone again. Hope it’s not too hot when we arrive.
Short sunny stop in Athens, was going to phone Thessaloniki, but missed the bus.
Grumpy old Chinese woman sitting between Gail and I. Slept a bit, watched ‘10’. Landed in Bangkok to pick up a few hippy type Aussies. Sunny but tiring trip to Melbourne. Couldn’t be bothered watching a film or anything. Helped some Greek women fill in their landing forms.
Arrived. Our baggage was last, Lynne’s gone altogether. Passed through customs OK. Greeted at the other side of the doors by Mum, Dad, Chris, a fatter Kon, Cheryl, Aunty Soula, Uncle Stephano, Chris and Greg. Got home gave everyone their stuff, went to bed, in my bed, very, very strange indeed.

I had been gone for two and half months!


  1. What does "Opium"" in quotation marks refer to specifically?

  2. Love the photo. That first/last glimpse of a continent is always a special moment to me.

    1. Thanks. I think it's Greece - it was a long time ago!

  3. Travelling is wonderful, but returning home is even better sometimes!