23 February 2012

Another Good-bye

23 February 1983
22 years old
Up early and into school for 3D Design with Helmut, what a character! Said I had to leave early and he carried on a bit. Saw David momentarily and he said he didn’t expect to see me yesterday. I said I’d tell him everything tomorrow. Left for the Old Melbourne.
Found C, Lee, Mark, Lorelle and Witchdoctor in the foyer. Sitting with the others was STEVE SEVERIN looking absolutely gorgeous. He signed my picture of him and sat there while mostly C and I raved on and on. He seemed to appreciate our humour and was quietly smiling and quietly gorgeous. After quite a while he left. We sat around, Robert came down, looking somewhat frayed. Michelle arrived also, camera in hand.
Robert beckoned C over. Lee and I knew we could go along too, but that if we did, all the others were sure to follow and that Robert wouldn’t want that, so we stayed. What a sacrifice! We sat in the foyer and C chatted with Robert in the coffee shop. Budgie came down looking SO absolutely stunningly handsome and debonair in his jacket. Got his autograph, he was very nice. Siouxie came down and I nervously got hers, but she was OK.
Sat around. Steve walked past and out to the van and said good-bye and smiled, sigh! Siouxie and Budgie headed for the van. We walked outside. Everyone waited for Robert who was missing. He and C walked out chatting and smiling. Said bye and got a kiss, he was a sweetie. Robert got in the van and they drove off, we waved good-bye. Sad to think we may never see him again or not for ages.