12 January 2012

Wonderful Roma

12 January 1990
29 years old
Visiting Rome
Sitting in Piazza Navona, it’s very mild, the pigeons are on their toes, the sound of running water, fountains everywhere. Tourists everywhere, churches everywhere. I love it here. Rome is even more wonderful than I remember it. Lovely old terracotta coloured buildings, balconies overhanging with plants, wooden shutters. I finally feel like I’m on holiday. London was all too familiar.
Soon after Lee left for work, I left also, taking the scenic route along the river. Almost got run over in the first two minutes by cars coming from the other side of the road! I made my way to St Peters Square – so vast. Went to a special exhibition of Russian icons – wonderful! Tried to find the Vatican Museum, but couldn’t. So went back to the Basilica for a look around – utterly awe inspiring. Said a little prayer for Manuela and Franco, as promised to Manuela.
Looked properly at a map and found the museum – just wonderful, especially the ceilings. I think I got carried away, taking too many pictures. Then I sat in the sun in the square to write, but interrupted by a man – urgh!
Set off on foot along the river again and decided to head for Piazza Navona. So fascinating, just walking about. Made my way back to Lee’s with flowers for her birthday. Franc (son of Godfather Part III) opened the door). Found her in bed, resting. Later her friends Fabio, Kees and Paolo visited. All gay, all very nice. Chatted and laughed. Fabio reminds me of an Argentinean Tony. Ho hum Tony is married, or about to be. The ghost is banquished.
…dashed to the flamenco club, or flamingo, according to Mike, Lee’s flatmate from Brooklyn who’s “an actor” [an extra on Godfather III, where he met Franc, who is playing Al Pachino’s son]. Had trouble with men in cars while waiting for the bus. Just like Greece you can’t even glance at men. A look is taken as an invitation.
Finally got to the Spanish place. Lee’s friends Bob and Peter were waiting outside for us. Bob is American and Peter, Australian. We all got along well and I liked both of them. The dancing and guitar playing started and it was utterly wonderful, so sensual. Absolutely loved it. Afterwards we talked and then Peter kindly drove us all home. Went to bed exhausted, but utterly happy.


  1. There are no words...I so want to visit there one day...I am guessing your imagery is just spot on!

  2. One of my favourite places in the entire world, if not my absolute favourite. I know you will love it - whenever you get there.