07 January 2012

Teenage-y and Happy

7 January 1992
31 years old
Was going to go into work [freelance temp job], but simply couldn’t bring myself to. I’m having trouble sleeping and consequently getting up. So I stayed home and had a WONDEFUL day. Rang Fiona at the employment agency about the job I went for before Christmas. Seems things have been delayed, she said, “Don’t worry, it’ll happen.” Which made me feel great. I really want that job.
Then I received a package from Singapore from Chris, two lovely chicken egg cups! God I’m so lucky! I thought to myself, such great friends.
Thought of CD and my year, this year, my fortune and I chanted, “Gonna get that job, gonna get that man.” Felt loopy, but happy.
Ended up rearranging my room, which took most of the day, exhausted myself happily. New year, new room. And then in the evening he called! Chatted a while, I felt teenage-y and happy. May go to Geelong with him on Friday. Went to bed happy and tired, but do you think I could sleep? Lots of jumbled dreams.

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