06 January 2012

Shopping in LA

6 January 1994
33 years old
Los Angeles, USA
Went into Santa Monica again, with Peter in the morning. Stopped for an ultra expensive cappuccino at a very trendy and beautifully furbished deli, it was $3! Then I hit the mall. Nice card shop called XAPTI [paper, in Greek]. Completely overspent, stuff for me, C, also a gift for Sarah. Had lunch there, Indian. Then I hit the outdoor mall, the Third Street Promenade. Went to Urban Outfitters which C and Cheryl both recommended – cool! Bought a pair of shoes, Italian; also a great photo album, come scrap book. I was exhausted. I couldn’t make it to 4.30 to meet Peter and go home. I turned up at 3 or 3.30 for his keys and bused it back home.
Had some time to myself before Cheryl came home with a migraine and Peter after working a longer day. We watched Roseanne as usual and then I made a quiche for dinner.
Jebin called! And we chatted and agreed to meet next week. Haven’t seen him for five years, I wonder how he’s changed.
Warched The Simpsons also Seinfeld and a show with Dr Crane, Frasier (a spin off from Cheers).
Went to bed and continued reading Seinlanguage, he’s such a funny man: I find that attractive.

Many thanks to Bobak Ha'Eri and Wikipedia, for the use of this image


  1. Oh that sounds like fun! And $3.00 was pretty expensive for a cappuccino back in '94!

  2. Ah, the days when expensive coffee was abnormal...

    As a would-be-funny man I salute the final paragraph!

  3. Nothing 'would-be' about it Mr Pink!