10 January 2012


10 January 1992
31 years old
Awoke to the phone ringing and CD’s voice. “The sun’s out,” he said, “let’s go to Geelong.” Yay! You see, no use getting upset yesterday, just as well I didn’t! He came over shortly after and we were hugging in the kitchen as Paul [my flatmate and friend of CD’s] got up out of bed – weird.
…Chatted all the way to Geelong…Went to the historical records office where an old guy who lived next door to CD’s great uncle (?) said to me, “I warn ya’ – there’re a lot of scoundrels in that family.” [OMG why didn’t I listen?!]
…Very tired, drove home…called Andrew P (as planned), then Rebecca called and after much who ha (?) picked up Rebecca and met Andrew at The Espy, where we had a drink or two. Then CD, Becky and I had to dash to catch The Fireballs at the MCG Hotel. When we got there, saw Kon and Nick right away, nice to see Kon, had a chat. During the show CD and I got a bit more cuddly – it was nice.
Afterwards dropped Rebecca home and came back here for tea. We were just getting cuddlier on the couch when Paul came home with a friend of his! All affection ended. We all four sat and watched Rage for a while and then CD said he was leaving. I walked him to the door and then dragged him into my room and threw him on my bed.
We were rolling about and kissing, but he was quite resistant, obviously not willing to let himself get carried away and insisting on leaving. I said, “I haven’t enjoyed you enough yet.” 
…“Piss off then,” I said half joking, and he did. I felt a bit deflated, but was determined not to get upset – and didn’t. Wonder if Paul had any influence on CD’s enthusiasm to leave.

Espy image courtesy of BroadsheetPhotography: Josie Withers


  1. Holy crap, threw him on the bed?!! You animal! Right on!

  2. Must be my mediterranean background!

  3. Gotta be...and too funny, I have the whole Mediterranean thing going on too...Sicilian=D

  4. NOW things are starting to make some sense!!