19 January 2012

Rumblings, Art and Television

19 January 1994
33 years old
The rumblings continue. In the morning I made a few calls to organise a few things. Needless to say my writing course [UCLA extension course] has been postponed, which for me means cancelled. Peter went to Santa Monica to clean up his office there, and Cheryl stayed home to work. I went to The LA County Museum of Art.
As I got there, there was about a 5 quake and I had to stand under a very wide doorway. The lifts were out of operation, as were some of the floors of some of the buildings. It was all a bit confusing. However I did get to see the Japanese Pavilion which was beautiful – the building itself that is, the stuff inside I liked, but not madly (except for some of the wood block prints). What I adored were the Florentine mosaics and the decorative arts; also Peruvian textiles and pre-Columbian sculpture – just wonderful. The bookshop was also very good. Stayed until closing time, 5pm, then called Jebin who came and picked me up.
He looked the same and is still very sweet. His hair is longer, that’s about the only difference. We went to a nearby coffee shop and chatted. Caught up with each others doings since we last met 5 years ago. It was nice. I like the way he thinks and the stuff he’s into. He told me about his girlfriend Katie and I filled him in a bit about Chris, as well as Christina, of course, and Lee. Then he drove me home and popped in briefly to meet Cheryl and Peter.
Afterwards we went for a local Japanese meal, which was nice, then came back so I could watch Beverly Hills 90210. Turns out it was a repeat (even though I’ve seen none of that series) and I got a bit baffled, continuity wise. Afterwards we tried to find a film to go to, but with curfew being imposed at 11, we didn’t have a lot of choice about what to see/where to go. So we stayed in.

Many thanks to the LACMA's fabulous website for the image of 'A Standing Female Figure', Mexico, Nayarit, Ixtlán del Río. 200 B.C. - A.D. 500

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