18 January 2012

Prahran in the early 90s

18 January 1992
31 years old
…Bradly came over in the early evening with a bottle of vodka and he, Justine, Paul and I sat outside drinking, listening to music (inc Dolly Parton!) and eating when I made a quick pasta. It was extremely pleasant. We were sitting there still when John came over and later still when we heard, “Why don’t you answer your bloody front door!” from over our back fence. It was Mark, his brother Paul and my darling Chris in his stripped T-shirt (that I love) and ripped jeans, looking decidedly delicious.
We all continued drinking and chatting…I went to my room to change and was pouring a drink in the kitchen when Chris came in for something and we were able to give each other a big cuddle and talk. Soon after we all walked to the party in Greville Street. Out back in the alley behind the shop, a band had set up and inside the hairdressers itself there was a dance floor, inc lights, DJ, turntable and a lot of cool black people!
We sat outside and talked, mostly I sat there with Chris. Went home to use the loo – it was quicker, and coming back through again I saw Simon from the library. Stopped and chatted a while, told him about Chris and he said, “Go for it.” Then out the back saw Matthew W, who I suspected ( and does) work there. He was pretty out of it, never-the-less we chatted a bit. Most of the others went home and it was just Paul, Chris and I, when we too decided to go.
Found Brad and Justine about to watch “A Streetcar Named Desire” and eat, so we all did that. Paul prepared bagels and Chris and I sat holding hands. When Paul and Justine went to bed and Brad was on our couch dozing, Chris and I decided to hit the hay. I lit candles in my room and played “Ride”.


  1. I loved living in Prahran in the late eighties , early nineties . Anthony ..

  2. It was a cool place to be, as I'm sure you know Anthony - thanks for the comment!