04 January 2012

Peter O’Toole – in the flesh!

4 January 1990
29 years old
Visiting London
Went to Lewisham in the morning, again all the same. Went to Army and Navy, Sainsbury’s, Next, WH Smith. Dropped a note off to Steve. Came home and rang Deirdre. Nadia was over and she was coughing all over the place. I really don’t like her, JR is different now too that they are a pair, and I don’t think I like him as much.
Anyway, Deirdre and I went to Covent Garden, both of us tried things on but bought nothing. Had a cappuccino at Bar Italia, and noticed Georgie Fame was playing at Ronnie Scott’s all week. Then to Harrods. D bought skin stuff. Then the food hall – brilliant! Bought things for dinner. And off we went to Noreen's flat in Kennington. Tuna and walnut mousse with water crackers followed by fresh pasta and pesto – yum. Chatted and chatted.
Then we went to the Apollo to meet Jo and David (?), sister Trudy from the US and hubby, and Simon. Went to Blue Poles for a drink and then the play Jeffrey Bernard is Unwell which was brilliant, despite my having the worst seat in the house. Peter O’Toole is wonderful – and to have seen him in the flesh!
I was exhausted. D drove me home and came in for coffee, talked til quite late. A good day.


  1. Interesting how some performers have been able to turn their personal misadventures into roles they can play for the public. Toole had (possibly still has -- don't know) a serious drinking problem through much of his life which had affected his career to the point he had a hard time getting film work in the '80s, so he turned that notoriety into an opportunity to return to the theater playing a character with the same problem, and had a big success with it. I guess Mel Gibson tried to do the same thing with his "The Beaver" movie where he played a nutjob with an anger problem but it didn't go over as well!

  2. He played the role very convincingly! Funny about 'our' Mel - don't think he'll ever recover his cred.

  3. Thanks for the blog posting, how funny how memory fades but also to have a moment in time documented even down to the menu is pretty darn cool!