16 January 2012

Oh Dear

15 January 2012
51 years old
Well yesterday went very well; apart from my brother not turning up. It was a lovely day: sunny, good food (if I say so myself) and fantastic company. My guests left just before 7pm, at which time I had a phone interview to do for the Greek paper, who are doing a feature about my eBook win for The Lord Mayor's Writing Awards. That went for over an hour, then Craig, Ali and went out for burgers. 
Today the kitchen is piled high with yesterday's lunch dishes and I've woken up not feeling too great. Occasionally I get these dizzy spells, and I have them today. So I'm going to spend the day in bed. Craig has just decided to work from home, so he's on hand to bring me cups of tea and keep an eye on our daughter.
Any cheering messages, gratefully accepted.


  1. I hope you feel better quickly. I KNOW what it is like to feel lousy all the time (TRUST ME) and I don't like hearing when others are in the same boat. Thinking of you! xo

  2. Thank you Melanie. My daughter just said, "She sounds nice." So true. x

    1. Awww...thank you! I do my best!! And I really do hope you feel better soon!!

  3. This is not allowed... only blondes are allowed to be dizzy. I hope you regain your equilibrium quickly, with Craig's kind help. Rest and recover...

  4. Hey Hariklia, Am very worried about you - this doesn't sound good - can you go and see a dizzy specialist? Keep eating and drinking in the best way you can, could be low b/pressure?

    1. It's all the tension in my neck, but Craig's given me a massage and I'm feeling a bit better today. Thanks for your concern Bernie.

  5. Some thoughts on recent posts:

    I hate camping, but I like the Monty Python records...

    Funny how you come to America and watch all the american shows, If I ever went to England I'd watch quite some TV (you probably have a lot of British TV in Australia), Is it antrhropological interest or we want to be somewhere else afetr all? Well, after many yers of fantasizing about England I came to the conlusion that I'd hate the weather. British TV was quite scarce scarce for some time 'round here, the first time MP's Flying Circus was aired was in 2000 (life in the third world). (Oh, that third world thing reminds me I was able to watch it because I was umployed then...)

    This reminds me too that I have been searching for Dogs in Space, nobody knows what I'm talking about...

    I can't help thinking there's something weird about the whole John/Nora thing... I've been trying to read his book but something bothers me about his tone. I must say it has more childhood recollections and environment description than rock autobiographies...

    That post about your daughter, made me think that's why my mom puts up with a lot of stuff from my sister...I had never really thought about it...

    I'm definitely not one to cheer up people, but get well soon...

    1. We get a TON of American shows here (and British ones too), and back then we'd be a series or two 'behind', so it was a treat to catch-up and see what was coming, before anyone at home. On another trip I remember seeing the last ever Seinfeld episode a few months before anyone here - pre downloads!

      Yes, John/Nora -agreed. He is one of the most guarded people I have ever met (famous or not). It was like talking to someone behind a wall.

      I never thought about what my parents thought about us and what they did for us until I had my daughter - I don't think anyone does until they're a parent. Then the shoe is well and truly on the other foot. Being a parent is an eye opener and forces you to reevaluate your own life - scary but kinda cool.

      Thanks for all the great comments, you have in fact cheered me up a lot!