01 January 2012

New Year's Day in Delphi

1 January 1981
20 years old
Delphi, Greece
Woke up late and went down to breakfast, sat around for a while.
Went for a walk with Karen and Lynne, looked into the tourist shops. Had lunch on a balcony with incredible views.
Enjoyed our slow and leisurely walk to the Temple of Athena. Sat at a café which was closed, with a balcony and view with Karen, Lynne, Margot and Helen and relaxed and chatted for a couple of hours.
Returned to the hotel, watching the sun set. Went to a seminar in Rob and Suzie’s room. Later out for souvlaki with them and Sam. Back to the hotel for a game of cards and Brambuie with them and Karen and Lynne.

Happy New Year Everyone! Wishing you all a year of health, happiness, creativity, fulfillment and love.
Hariklia x

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