24 January 2012


24 February 1984
23 years old
Visiting Japan
After breakfast we walked to the station with the entire group and caught the bullet train to Kyoto…we were acting pretty silly on the train from Kyoto to Nara, speaking Japrish, a language founded by Manuella.
…Everyone keeps asking if we’re Americans…Everyone loves Nara. It’s so different from Tokyo, so serene and down to earth. Less rushed, everyone has more time for you. I felt to pleased that we’d come, it would have been awful to only see Tokyo as representative of the country. It’s so less westernised here, a lot of the prices in the shops aren’t even in English numerals The place reminds me of Kastoria. There’s a lake too. Bought two Japanese flags plus a turtle for my collection – rapt.


  1. Awww...I'm sorry everyone kept thinking you were Americans. (I think its kind of funny though =D). I love both pics!!

  2. And when I travelled through America, everyone thought we were British!