11 January 2012

London Life

11 January 1988
27 years old
Living in London
Working on The Perfect Murder promo booklet. Pretty happy with it and things at work in general. Nice job, full colour.
In the evening we had a very interesting [housing] co-op meeting. Tony H has been working out the rent [£10 a week] very differently to what all the rest of us imagined. Very hectic. Tom turned up with Specks [the dog] much to my surprise. When we got to the pub he sat near me and we chatted most of the night. He’s so cute, he was imitating me and laughing in quite an affectionate way. I know he’s not that keen on me, but perhaps he likes me a bit. I mentioned I’d be interested in going to the dogs. He may call on Saturday.
At home the household had tea and Dutch biscuits and chatted. Simon told me I smelt and no one liked me, etc. I laughed; he also told me of a dream of his with me in it. Went to bed quite happy. I’m very fond of this lot, ie my flatmates (Bruce very attentive).


  1. Sounds like a pretty decent memory =D

  2. By "The Perfect Murder" are you referring to the Merchant-Ivory movie? Sounds like a cool opportunity... What was your role in designing the booklet?

  3. Yes! We did quite a bit of work for Merchant-Ivory, their offices were right near our studio. I was going to include a picture of the promotional brochure I designed for this film, but ran out of time to scan it (I have a work deadline today). I might throw it in another day! It's basically just some stills from the film in an attractive full colour glossy brochure, that I put together. A fun job.

  4. Their studio was that close? Did you have a room with a view?

  5. Ha! It was walking distance, right in the middle of Soho.

    Hil's sister did most of the costume designing for their films and won an academy award for one of them; and Hil was an extra in one of the films.

  6. Cool... I just looked her up. I see she was nominated and lost eight more times (which is still an honor). That has to be frustrating. Although maybe she had a lot of fun at the parties when she flew out for the Oscars all nine times!

  7. I missed this discussion! Hariklia you omitted to mention that you designed a whole wonderful pattern for this brochure and artworked it all by hand - quite a labour of love. We still have a copy! Although computers are marvellous I did enjoy the more hands-on aspect of artwork in those days, so long as you had the time of course! BTW Pinkhamster thank you for your comments re Jen - yes, she always enjoys the Oscar parties! - and in my opionon certainly should have won a couple more, King's Speech for sure (she designed the whole lot in 5 weeks for about £50!). Ah well, good to get the noms, and she gets sent all the new movies to vote on.

    1. 5 weeks! Amazing. What a pro!

      I have a copy of the Perfect Murder brochure too, Hil. I must scan it and post it sometime. I LOVED doing the pattern by hand.