21 January 2012

Laughing Clowns

21 January 1982
21 years old
Got up relatively early and went into CIT to enrol. Lots of standing in queues as per usual. Then went straight to Southland, with headphones on and lots of accompanied staring*. Picked up my pics, but to my dismay and disappointment NONE of Marty turned out. I think due to the strange lighting.
At home listened  to The Church again. Lee rang about tonight. Picked up C from work, came home, rushed to get ready, went to Club Chevron, where we met Lee and Nigel (Brendan from Models and a friend also there). We saw Chemicals, who were really good. Stayed outside and went for a walk to the 7/11 for La Femme, and then saw Laughing Clowns, who were excellent.
Saw Phillip R there, plus some trendies and many daggy straight-cat people.
Sort of almost spoke to the trumpet player who was in our near vicinity after the gig, but didn’t. The lead singer/guitarist/song writer is fascinating.

* Back when listening to portable music was quite unusual – believe it or not.

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