20 January 2012

Last Orders

20 January 1988
27 years old
Living in London
The first person I spoke to today was my sister. (The second was Nick, as I ran out for work. Nick is a dreamboat. What a start to the day!) Was running early, having planned to do a load of things before work, ended up late, not having done any. But I did have a good ol’ chat to my sis. Talked about AF and T, of course. Also her proposed trip. It’d be so great to see her again. Thought of it at work, meeting her at Heathrow, and almost cried over my drawing board.
In the evening wrote to her and Cheryl. Went to The Archer for last orders with the others.

Many thanks to the excellent beer and food blog Eating Isn't Cheating, for the use of this picture.

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