05 January 2012

In Sydney with PiL

I can’t find my photos from this trip,
so instead I’m posting one of JR taken
in Melbourne
January 1985
24 years old
Visiting Sydney
Very short notes I made at the time (in black), with a few recollections from today.
1 Jan: Played Trivial Pursuit in Jebin’s hotel room with him, Mark, Mark’s cousin from Canada, Lee, C and I. They stayed at the now legendary Sebel Townhouse Hotel* in Elizabeth Bay. When I saw the film ‘Almost Famous’ and the lead character goes on tour with ‘Stillwater’, when they first check into a ‘legendary’ hotel…The Sebel was what it reminded me of. In the foyer one day I saw Frank Thring, dressed all in black, which believe it or not was unusual at the time. Also staying there were…who was it?...C, can you help?
2 Jan: Newcastle gig.
3 Jan: Shopping with Jeb, C and I. Cronulla gig. Lift home with the band (I think) which means we were in the mini van with JR himself.
4 Jan: Shitty day (meaning I was shitty, for some reason). Out in the evening, back to Jeb’s room with Mark, Lee, C and I, room service and drinks.
5 Jan: Art gallery, sound check, sketching, Selinas gig.
6 Jan: Day off. Wish I’d written what we did.
7 Jan: Left Sydney. Good-byes. Bus home to Melbourne.

From the ABC website: The World Today Archive - Tuesday, 14 November 2000
Well, one of the icons of Australian rock music and entertainment is no more. The Sebel Townhouse in Sydney was of course over the past 30 years or so home to hundreds of local and visiting acts ranging from Liberace through to Led Zeppelin.
The party animal period is well and truly over. It was exemplified by Elton John perhaps holding his marriage reception there, when champagne had to be ordered in from all around Australia to satisfy thirsty guests. 
Well, over the next couple of days, auctioneers will be in there selling 5000 lots which range from bath towels through to a satellite dish. Lots of people looking for memorabilia of this period.

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  1. I hate when a landmark like that is no more. There are several buildings like that in Detroit. It is just sad.