09 January 2012

Here you come again

9 January 1988
27 years old
Living in London
Awoke depressed, due to a very realistic dream about talking to Tony on the telephone. Felt it all as I awoke, the anger, the hurt, the sick feeling in my stomach.
Cleaned my room, went shopping in Lewisham. Lots of groceries for my dinner party tonight. Sally rang, Andrea rang. Took a bath, listened (as I have been all week) to Dolly Parton – brilliant.
Started cooking, took longer than expected, but it all turned out well, if I do say so myself.
Kerry, Jamie and Pam came over and we had a lovely evening. Chatting and eating. Bruce sat in for awhile, and I’d been so bitchy to him earlier. Why? Because he left the kitchen door open.
Thought of new year and Tom. Co-op meeting on Monday, but it’s Tom’s Dog’s night (darn it). Later in the night Andrea came over with Sharon, Ramdan and the Algerian contingent. We went to Goldsmith’s Tavern (Million Rubber Bands not on). K and co went home. OK night but too hot, smoky and stuffy. Got home 2-ish and did the dishes listening to Dolly.

Back to the Future
I think this was about the time my Dolly fandom began. I finally got to see her perform in concert last November, and I went with Andrea, the same Andrea mentioned in this post, as well as my sister (the often mentioned C) and my husband Craig. It was SUCH a fun night.


  1. Now there is something out of left field..Dolly Parton?? Don't get me wrong, she is AWESOME. I love the hell out of her...just didn't expect it. The only performer that I can think of that I have always loved that some people are a little surprised by is George Michael (he was my very first concert when I was 14 <3)!

  2. You're not alone Melanie, many people are surprised by my love of Dolly. I got quite a few surprised comments on Facebook at the time.