15 January 2012

Familial Friendships

15 January 2012
51 years old
Sometimes you are not friends with a person, but an entire family – and sometimes all your family is friends with that family too. Today I am having my siblings over for lunch with three siblings from another family. Me, C and K with Deirdre, Noreen and Declan. Between the six of us, over many years, several permutations and combinations have emerged. But we have not been, all six of us together, ever.
For myself, the friendships have traversed not just time but also space: Melbourne and London. Deirdre and Noreen are as part of London for me as Peter O’Toole and The Smiths. And as far back as 1984, C and I and Declan met PiL together; though before then (1982?), it was C and Noreen who struck up the original friendship.
Another mark of a long relationship is when you see your kids hanging out with your friends’ kids, as Ali has done with Deirdre’s daughter when we have visited London or they have visited Melbourne.
These are those special sorts of friendships you hear people talk about, where you pick up where you left off, regardless of place or time. Now I’d better go and start tidying up!

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