14 January 2012


14 January 1992
31 years old
…Came home to Paul’s friend David, still asleep in our living room (and tomorrow his friend with the delightful telephone manner – Justine, will be arriving – goody!). Did some washing, chatted with the boys, wrote a poem about Chris and decided to call him. He sounded very pleased to hear from me and we made plans for him to come over after work. I said I had no money and he said he’d take me to any McDonalds in Melbourne!
…We ended up at a Bistro in South Yarra where we had a very nice bottle of red, some antipasto and a main course. Talked a lot and he said some lovely things, like about sharing Friday with me. Also how he thought he’d blown it when he left and how worried he was. Turns out he was concerned about Paul; did I want him to stay to provoke Paul in any way? I told him Paul was definitely not on my mind when I was kissing him good-bye! “That’s progress,” he said. I suppose he’s as fearful as me, I worry about Cathy and he worries about Paul. He said our relationship “us” “we” could go in any number of ways. Let’s take it a day at a time, I said.
…Then we went for coffee and liqueurs at Iguana. I had Frangelico – yum! Chatted more, kissed, he touched my face. Came home relatively early and found Paul in front of the telly with his empty McDonalds packaging…To bed, to think, to dream.


  1. I never knew McDonalds could be such an effective romantic symbol!

    Is this Paul the proletarian one?

  2. The face touch gets you every time...