03 January 2012

Back in London

3 January 1990
29 years old
Visiting London
How utterly peculiar, yet utterly familiar it is to be back in London. In fact it all felt so “normal” that I didn’t feel too excited until the train was approaching New Cross.
I walked as if in a dream/trance to Billington Road, noticing all the slight differences around me, like the new phone booths, however most things were the same, same buses (new 53 night bus?) shops, even the same boy in the fruit shop.
But what about number 4? The hedge is TINY, a snippet of its former self; the house, very different from how I’ve been imagining it all year…I took a bath and got ready to visit the sales. Kind of didn’t really know what to do – where to start – who to call. Caught the 53 to Oxford Circus. Christmas lights still up! So I’ve seen them for the last four years! Went to Liberty – wonderful, but not exciting. All is too familiar and I guess I was suffering from exhaustion [You think? 23 hours on a plane and a bus into town for a day of shopping!] Then to Hamleys, Jigsaw, Next, Boots, M&S, all my usuals. Came home utterly knackered…Struggled to stay awake until 8.30 to ward off jet lag.
Candy phoned from Wales, lovely to talk to her. She fixed a bed in my old room, clean sheets, towel and a present (white tablecloth). What a sweetheart. Can’t wait to see her and Harry on Friday.

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