30 January 2012

At The Tote

30 January 1983
22 years old
Drove to Le Tôte with Lee, where we met Julian. Saw Spring Plains who were OK. One of their songs ‘She’s Aboriginal’ was both good and funny, as some bits of their set were.
It was a bit of a who’s who night with half of The Sacred Cowboys there, Thomas (yummy) from Chamber Rhymes and others. Bulk trendies. Lee and I went for a walk between bands. At which time C and D popped in to speak to Michael Lynch about a gig.
Back in time for The Scientists, who I really enjoyed. Julian taped the gig and I’ll be getting a copy. Saw Simon from the library afterwards and chatted. Told Kim from The Scientists how much I enjoyed them and we left for an early-ish night. At home had coffee with C and D and we chatted.

A timely diary entry, following on from my post last week about The Tote documentary.

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