27 December 2011

When you like someone

With a Melbourne tram conductor
(now an extinct species)
28 December 1984
24 years old
Quite a WONDERFUL day. In the morning I was complaining to C about my unpopularity (the same old moan) – BUT…in a way I was contradicted or at least made to feel simply wonderful. Firstly I received a Christmas card from MARTY from Sweden, love with seven kisses – what a darling! Then in the afternoon E visited, unexpectedly on his way home from the golf club. Nice that he wanted to see me, even though I’m not mad on him any more.
Anyway, dashed to work in a good mood. On my way home I was thinking of Jebin and I had a feeling he might have rung while I was out, truly! When I got home dad gave me the news – Jebin rang from the Gold Coast and asked if we were going to Sydney. Dad said that when he told Jebin we were, he sounded very pleased. Also, I asked who Jeb asked for when dad answered the phone and he said he asked for ME! And then C. That made me feel absolutely WONDERFUL! When C found out she was very deflated. I don’t blame her, not that it really means A LOT, but when you like someone it sort of does.

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