23 December 2011

Touring Musicians

Mark, me, C & Jebin, showing off our tongues after drinking blue cocktails
24 December 1984
24 years old
I’m alone in my room. PiL are playing and I’m wearing my PiL T-shirt and I’ve just put some pictures of them in my room and I’m feeling quite non. I’m not depressed, I’m just here. I’m missing Jebin quite a bit…I’m a bit worried. Worried about myself cause I get very fond of people who go away, band type people…I seem to fall for quite a few touring musicians…I like interesting people – people who like me and it seems the only guys that fit that bill are band people. It hasn’t been many too, all year it’s only been Marty, though I’ve liked him for years, and Porl and now Jebin.
A lot of girls go out with more than three guys in a year, for me it’s been romantic friendship, very nice, very intense. I guess that’s to do with the fact there’s a time factor involved. I only know them briefly and so I only see the good and it’s always interesting.


  1. Dimestore analysis: easy to be fond of people who go away because they aren't around long enough for us to grow disappointed with their more boring and annoying human aspects.

  2. True, and a safe option for those (ie me) too immature for a real relationship. Hindsight really is marvelous!

  3. And see how you turned out!!!!???!!