23 December 2011

An Historic Event

23 December 1985
25 years old
The rest of the family went shopping and I had the house to myself – wow! Worked on my scrap book, got all of 1984 done! D rang and came over and so did Cheryl, had a pleasant evening chatting. We spoke about relationships and I felt really sad thinking of AT.
At about 1.00am Kon and I went to Burwood K-Mart to participate in a historic event. The first night of all night shopping in Melbourne, it was surreal. The store was packed with shoppers, genuinely buying; we were there more-or-less to sight see. Glad we went, it was unbelievable and unimaginable otherwise. Buskers, Mr Whippy van and lots of yobs. Santa too. Home 2.30-ish.


  1. Somehow, this is a perfect follow-up to meeting John Lydon!

  2. Suburban banality! Thanks for the perfect comment!