26 December 2011

The City of Angels

27 December 1993
33 years old
Los Angeles, USA
Could have slept in longer, but didn’t feel too bad being woken at 8. Cheryl, Peter and I went into UCLA to check for email. Met Cheryl’s work friends Patty, Cindy and Shosh, they all seem very nice. Then we went into Westwood, the nearby shopping district, very cute. They had errands to run, I just followed.
Went back ‘home’ for lunch then headed off down Santa Monica Boulevard to Malibu. Drove past burnt up hillsides and houses, where the fires had been last summer. Malibu is very well to do and I remembered a ‘Beverly Hills 90210’ episode where ‘the gang’ went to someone’s beach house there.
Stopped off at an amazing Hindu Temple, took off our shoes and wandered about outside. Beautiful pattered mandalas outside of doorways, painted on the concrete. Wished I had my OM10 [I only had my Polaroid camera with me].
Stopped off also at the shopping centre there, looking for movie stars – no luck. Did some supermarket shopping and bought a stack of mags at the newsstand. Brilliant! Utne Reader, Atlantic Monthly and others.
Back home made sandwiches for tomorrow’s trip and packed. Watched ‘Roseanne’ (repeat) plus new series episodes of ‘Murphy Brown’ and ‘Northern Exposure’. Again, did not fall asleep right away. Fried Rice for dinner. 

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  1. i love it out there...i didn't want to come home when i visited...but i did.