26 December 2011

Camping Holiday with the Family

Dad goes for a walk
26 December 1981
21 years old
Eden NSW
Woke up to the squelching sound of dad walking on our wall to wall water carpet and the sound of rain on the tent roof. What used to be a sound I liked has become one that almost drives m insane. I can hardly believe how much it has rained! Our tent was flooded again, plus everyone else’s. So there was a mass exodus; with the aid of Semi’s Semi we moved up to dryer land together with the other two tents, leaving the swamp at our front door lot 62. Yay!
The tent moved up, things were unpacked and packed, spiders were crawling and Greg was screaming. Everyone got on everyone’s nerves. C and I went and took showers and felt a bit better. When we got out, the rain (dare I say it) seemed to be clearing. We went for a drive with Chris and Greg to Quarantine Bay. Listened to Monty Python tapes in the car.
Back at camp, pizza and tacos, everyone played cards, I read my existentialism book. After a yummy tea of chips and ham Chris, Greg, John, C and I went to The Fishermen’s Club where there were poker machines. It was really different and interesting to watch everyone get rid of their money. I had one go, just to see what it was like. Wasn’t too bad a day, we actually did something!

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  1. That picture is great, as is your description of watching "everyone get rid of their money."