15 July 2011

The genesis of TISM

15 July 1983
23 years old
Andrew M picked up C and I, and we drove to Phil’s and picked up their costumes. Phil then drove the four of us to Melbourne uni. We all got in free. Chatted a little to Fiona, her and Eug are super couple-y. Debbie W and Mark came too, and also (shock!) Mark W, talked to him a lot. We caught up with one another, nice seeing him. He and Christina [not my sister] are super steady.
I Can Run came on far too late and they didn’t play too well. It was the first drum machine gig too, so D had a bit of trouble with it. The sound wasn’t good either, but it was a good gig due to the appearance of their back up trio: Andrew M, Phil and of course THE Peter M, in full newspaper Klu Klux Clan-ish costume, with toilet roll eyes. They were great and added flavour to the set. I took some pictures for C as she was video-ing. The set closed in a very Becketesian way, the plug was pulled out literally by the other band who had to get the PA back. Everyone was quite angry. Mark and Debbie W shared the mixing. Sean looked nice tonight, Terry and Gerard came too. Home with Phil and Andrew to Phil’s for Milo, then home 3-ish. Phil is a sweetie.

Just did a quick search to find a picture to go with this diary entry, and found this single cover, which I'd completely forgotten about. I did this print of my string shopping bag in photography class. D liked it, then added some collage eyes.


  1. It was fun. TISM ended up having quite a cult following here in Melbourne, but by then my sister and D (in the band) had broken up, and we stopped seeing them.