24 July 2011

500th Post!

24 July 2011
51 years old
I didn’t quite know what I was getting into when I started this blog. For those who have come in late, I started it with little thought, after one of my stories, The Snail & his Trail, failed to get a place in a fable writing competition. Later that day, as I vacuumed the house (I lead a very exciting life) I thought of posting my diary entries. 
Quentin Crisp always said that you must work out what is unique or special about yourself and use that to your advantage in life. It occurred to me that not everyone has a stack of diaries that document their life from age 10, as I do. And that’s how What She Said was conceived.
I never reckoned on how satisfying and absorbing this blogging business would be. I’ve really enjoyed meeting new people here in cyber space, especially fellow bloggers, mums, and people with similar musical tastes. It’s such a buzz when people leave comments and share something of themselves with me/us.
As ever, thank you so much for reading. Feel free to say hello, and please stay with me!

Hariklia x


  1. Should I have said that this is a picture of Quentin Crisp? Perhaps people will think it is me!

  2. Congratulations...500 Posts, that is awesome!!!

  3. i love your blog. btw do you have a book coming out? sorry if i am a bit behind in the brain dept!!!

    i always think of myself as boring but i also think i have good qualities as well. unfortunately the good qualities i have allow others to use me for my kindness. i am and probably will always be learning that lesson! hariklia edit this post if you need to. :)

  4. No need to edit your comment Debra - perfect as is!

    Re: my book, I had the first chapter of my novella 'Scents & Serendipity' published in the anthology 'Stamping Ground' and am hoping the novella in its entirety will be published later this year. I've sent my publisher the manuscript and am waiting to hear back about any further changes. So still a little up in the air. Rest assured every woman and her dog will hear about the launch when it happens!

    Thanks you for all your support and comments, you do strike me as kind, and that's a good thing; but you mustn't 'waste' your kindness on those who don't deserve it - my two cents.