25 April 2011

Skyhooks – Living in the 80s

The only Cleo centrefold I've ever bought
25 April 1983
22 years old
Felt lazy but had my ticket bought, so got ready and went, all alone to Festival Hall. Saw a bit of Uncanny X-men from the third row. Went to my eighth row seat at intermission. Wandered, saw Mark and Tony, Peter Green’s friends. Up the front got told to go back to my seat. Left it again just before they went on. Walked to the front as lights dimming. Was in the front row for SKYHOOKS, first time ever. I was nervous about liking them etc…but they were FAB! I laughed and smiled a lot and reminisced to myself. Bongo looked yummy. Very weird seeing them – time warp back to my teenage years. Enjoyed the show. Hung about a bit after and spoke with Peter. He walked me to the car and I drove home very pleased to have gone.


  1. We might have been at the same concert!!!.....I loved the Skyhooks......Still listen to them occasionally...Good with housework.:)Kerry..

  2. I will have a listen to them doing housework Kerry – sounds like a good idea!

  3. My older Sister Heather went out with Bob Starky for a while. They would come over and play with my fat track car racing set. It would piss me off because they would damage my cars. Ha. Andy Ferg

  4. OMG Andrew!! Bongo at your place! I am impressed and jealous!