24 April 2011

Gilmore Girls

24 April 2011
50 years old
I’ve saved all the number-candles from each of my daughter’s nine birthday cakes, to date. The other day I recycled the one, adding a nought from my own 50th birthday cake from last year, to form a ten.
By ‘normal’ standards I am an ‘old’ mum. I know we’re all having kids older, but having one’s first child after 40 is still a small percentile. I remember going to a workmates 40th birthday celebration where her son brought his newborn daughter. At 40 she was a grandmother, at 40 I was still childless – by choice.
But numbers are just that. I believe friendship and connection functions beyond chronological age. I have lots of younger friends and I’d like to think I have remained young at heart. In fact, yesterday, I was thrilled to pieces when Ali said to Craig, ‘Mum’s like my big teenage sister’.
I’m hoping mothers and daughters don’t need to be close in age to be close, like The Gilmore Girls. So far, so good. Let’s hope the teenage years and beyond go as well as the past 10 years have.


  1. two of my closest friends in Adams Morgan were single moms who had their first child - girls - over age 40! It's a good age to be a mum.

  2. It's been good for me. I was far too self absorbed and immature in my 30s!