21 February 2011

Over protective Greek parents

21 February 1976
15 years old
Greek school was dull, gee we work hard. At night went to Belinda’s to celebrate her birthday. Other people to also go were – Me, Belinda, Sue, Mandy, Robyn, Julie, Ferd, Zig, Ang, Brian & Gold. We went to the National Theatre in St Kilda to see two Marx Brothers films. They were a bit dull in places but also funny in times. It was a grouse experience cause there were all these freaky people, about 90% of the people were sort of hippies, uni students I suppose, the other 10% were us, a few old people and a few kids. There was one OK guy in front of me, OK but weird, uncombed long hair, kaftan type top and his mate kept smoking something that smelt really nice, nothing addictive I hope. Anyway, it was a good experience to see how the other side lives if you get my drift.
The shitty bit was when we got back to Belinda’s for supper, dad was already there, spewin’ to pick me up. I couldn’t stay for supper and I was cut!!!!!!! Typical of my parents, I always have to leave first for everything, that’s if I’m allowed to go at all.
Three months til my birthday.
Still haven’t got the nerve to ask dad if I can go to Leo Sayer’s concert.

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