02 January 2011

Funny people, Frangelico & fish

2 January 1992
31 years old
This day two years ago I flew out to London for my short but wonderful holiday. Today I remained put in Prahran. My landlord woke me, saying he was coming over with his brother to try and fix our electricity problems. Wow, perhaps we’ll be able to use heaters next winter!
Consequently spent the day electricity-less…Watched Donahue before the power was cut off. Billy Crystal, Whoopi Goldberg and Robin Williams were on – I love funny people.
Did a little gardening, read a little more of my Baudelaire biography, finished off painting my small bookshelf. C stopped over briefly and we made plans to go to Cup o Tea tonight. Cheryl rang to wish me a happy new year and we chatted. Finally the handymen left and I fixed dinner, pasta with pesto, using basil from our garden! Watched Belly of an architect, shot entirely in Rome. I love that city! Discovered my bottle opener was bust and had planned to drink the Rose Cos brought to my party with cheese and crackers! Desperate to have it, prodded the cork with knives, forks and all manner of implements. Finally pushed it through with the handle of a wooden spoon.
Christina, Lisa and I all felt weird going to a new place. What creatures of habit. Met out front by Daryl, all dressed up as he was for our date – he looked cute, cuter than I remembered – What you  can’t have always seems better, as Christina said. He greeted me with a hug and a kiss. Met DD who C has spoken about, very Jewish, very funny. Daryl was nearby and I was very aware of him. Later he DJ-ed and was still spinning the discs when we left at about 3am.
In the meanwhile Damien and Merrick turned up. I had 2 Frangelicos – yummy!...Danced a bit, particularly to Prince – brilliant! Home happy (in a way) and drunk. Slept soundly. Drempt of fish, one particularly active one, jumping out of his/her tank and me having to put him/her back in, and I remember thinking, I must stop eating fish.

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