25 August 2010

Guess who's coming to dinner?

Robert, in the entrance of my parent's 70s style home
25 August 1980
20 years old
C phoned Robert Smith who was out, who called back; we then picked him up from the hotel (The Diplomat) and went into town by tram. Saw all the water (rain, NGV water wall, fountain in the city square). There’s not a lot to do in Melbourne in winter on a Monday night. When we dropped into the State Library he said Why did you bring me here?
So we went back to the hotel, and drove back to our place (in suburban Melbourne), where we had dinner (mum cooked pasticcio and there was chocolate chip ice-cream for dessert). The four of us listened to records in my room and watched telly. When mum went to bed C and l both said good-night mum, then Robert said good-night mum – so cute!
We drove him back to his hotel at 1.15am.


  1. MAN!!!!! That is all I can say :)

  2. Yes I think so too. About time I got more than ONE comment! Thanks :-)

  3. we're all speechless with this one, thus the lack of comments!

  4. Harik, the link didn't work when I first clicked on it, hence the lack of comment originally. Recalling Melbourne weeknights from the mid-80s before licensing law changes and international students as cash cows, I understand why you brought RS to the State Library, but I also understand his asking 'why did you bring me here'. Love that dome, great blog entry.

  5. Nice to hear from you Tim. Yes it was completely different back then - not a thing to do in the city on a Monday night in winter - but go to the library!

  6. First time I read your blog, thanks to the cure reference and the wonders of facebook etc...
    A) great story
    B) great idea!
    Have tons of diaries myself and have often wondered what the point of them is after all these years. Never thought of doing a thing like this!
    Mind you, my stories are far duller and to be honest, they make me cringe when I read them so I'm not sure I can inflict them on the world...

  7. Great to have you on board Vicky. I have to say, lots of parts of my diaries are boring and cringey too!

    BTW: You are member no. 53 which happens to be one of my favourite numbers, being the number bus I used when I lived in London. Trivial, but true!

  8. GREAT!!! SO FINE!!!!

    UNIQUE EXPERIENCE...have no words.

    or some: Good-night Mum!